Infinity means limitless.

The possibility on this smart speaker is limitless. This will be your lifetime speaker.


Thanks to our smart DSP design who are allowed to adjust all parameters need it to work simultaneously with your existing amplifier. Either way valve amplifier or solid-state.

This loudspeakers are very carefully choose with meticulously designed crossover. Our crossover design is perfect match within 1-3% tolerance.

Each driver has phase correction accordingly to behave each other seamlessly in a box as unison, that&#39s we called “ Zero Phase”.

We also doing the same things with the impedance to correct them so it will have a very little variation on impedance in all Frequency Response

Infinity crossover network, based on wax-impregnated air core inductor wound copper foil and stacked foil silver capacitor potted in epoxy to resist mechanical interference to ensure a very smooth transition across the audible frequency range.

Ideal In-Room Response

Infinity series are designed to work together with your room response once again thanks to our DSP that can be customized accordingly.

The ideal listening room is min 6m X 5m up to 12m x 8m

Infinity series phase coherent bass are deep, solid, fast and detailed, retaining all-natural tactile and textural quality of live music.


  • 3.5 ways, Sealed Loudspeaker design with om board bass amplifier
  • Constant Phase crossover for perfect phase at all frequency range
  • Freq Response 15hz- 30Khz ( -3db)
  • Curvature Mechanical time alignment for identical arrival from tweeter and mid-bass driver at the listening position.
  • Customised, extensively modified bass driver.
  • Italian design infinity bass smart amplifiers capable of delivering 1400 watt continuously per channel + Dsp
  • Sealed enclosure with extensive internal steel braced.
  • Combination few synthetic interior damping materials
  • Virtually unlimited custom color finish Infinity is 100% handcrafted by our expertise staffs and all built in house.
  • Design in Australia and handcrafted in Indonesia.

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