Secret is Revealed !!

Amora means Love, this speaker is very unique from D’Audio others Design. With maroon candy red sparkling with gold dust Metallic, shows its class.

The heart of the speakers crossover it took so long to create and many sleepless nights before came to this level.

Thanks to all D’Audio team who works tirelessly

It takes months to create something like this, The Art of Music will Pleasing eyes..

As good as it looks and elegant, it will represent the sound by itself.

This speaker sound like no others, the emotional and soul is the keys this speakers also this is the lowest bass can be produced on

our surface mount speaker on 6.5” drivers.

Clarity, staging, imaging and detail it comes as standard..

Speaker type: 2 way ported.

FR 30Hz- 30Khz.

Sensitivity 92db

Tweeter : Raal ribbon Tweeter

Woofer : Seas excell 6.5” mid bass driver

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